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Bellydance Shows

Add the beautiful, vibrant sparkle of belly dance (Egyptian raqs sharqi) to your next party or event in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

Kenzie performs Egyptian raqs sharqi and folklore in the Buffalo, NY region.  Kenzie is a favorite among Egyptian and Lebanese audiences, and her professionalism, skill and sweet nature make her the top choice among belly dancers in the Buffalo area.  

Kenzie offers several packages that can be fully customized.  Her custom-made jewel encrusted costumes, exciting music and passion for each and every booking make her the perfect addition to your event!  


For additional questions or booking inquiries, contact Kenzie at 716-598-1815 or

If this is your first time booking a belly dance show, please read "what to expect when booking Kenzie" and my note below.

What to Expect

We'll work out event details over the phone or email and Kenzie will send you a booking agreement. We'll work out details like the event location and performance time, sound system requirements, costume color or coverage preferences (if any), whether your event is a surprise, and more. Kenzie will put this information in our booking agreement and send you information on how to pay the event deposit.


Kenzie's performance will be family-friendly. Zero exceptions. Raqs sharqi is a beautiful dance form that was evolved from social dances. That means it's perfect for parties, folks are encouraged to come up and dance (but absolutely never forced to - Kenzie is great at reading audience vibes), and kids LOVE it.

Kenzie will be early. Kenzie runs on what is affectionately known as "Kenzie Time." This means that she is literally always early. No showgirl time here - you can rest assured that Kenzie will be ready to go at the time that we arranged for your show.

Kenzie will delight your guests. With over ten years of professional belly dance experience under her hip belt, Kenzie has the secret sauce that delights audiences of all ages and ethnicities. 

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A note from Kenzie...

Thank you for considering me for your event. I am passionate about bringing joy and cultural enrichment through the art of raqs sharqi (belly dance). It's important to me that my performances are appreciated for their artistic and cultural value.​

I want to ensure that my performances align with the values and expectations of my clients. I kindly ask that you consider your guest of honor before selecting your event entertainment. It's essential to note that I do not engage in performances that aim to embarrass individuals. Furthermore, I appreciate a positive and respectful atmosphere, and any attempts to infringe upon personal boundaries will not be tolerated. If this sounds like your event or guest of honor, we are not a good fit for each other.


My goal is to provide entertainment that is respectful to the dance form, culturally informed, and enjoyed by all. This dance is a modern-day art form with deep cultural roots. My performances are a reflection of this, and I am committed to sharing it in a way that fosters understanding and appreciation.



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