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Bring Kenzie to your University or studio!

Kenzie is a seasoned instructor renowned for delivering dynamic, energetic and inspiring classes that leave students of all levels feeling invigorated and inspired.

With years of dedicated study and an unwavering commitment to personal growth, Kenzie is a perpetual student of the art of belly dance. Her journey has been marked by a deep passion for this mesmerizing form of expression, and she brings this enthusiasm to every class that she leads.

What to Expect

Generally speaking, here is what you can expect in Kenzie's classes:

An invigorating, energetic warmup. A workshop's warmup sets the tone for the entire workshop, and we're going to start off with great music, and a follow-the-leader style full-bodied warmup.

Technique. Always technique. No matter how advanced you get, you are never too good to work on technique. I believe that technique is freeing. In this dance, our ability to express the intricacies of the music and our ability to emote is key. Having a good foundation will open up the possibilities for you.

Imagery - and sometimes it gets weird. But hey, that's what makes it memorable, right?! Imagery is such a useful tool in dance, and I am its #1 fan.

A long AF combo. I promise that you'll be amazed that you learned all of that! We'll continue working on technique & also focus on the details in the combination. 

Cool down to a banger, and clapping at the end. Your back will feel so good after this. Then, you'll clap for yourself and I'll clap for you - you did it!


Example Topics

Below you will find a small sample of Kenzie's workshop offerings:

Focus on the Feet

Our feet are the foundation of everything in dance and in life! Juicy hips, clean footwork, amazing shimmies... our connection to the floor is vital for all of these things and more! In this workshop, we will explore foot strength, pliability, and harnessing power in our dance from the ground up.


Modern Dance for Belly Dancers

While training in western dance forms is by no means a requirement for belly dancers, exploring modern dance concepts is a wonderful way to find new approaches to your dance!


Ebb & Flow

It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it. In this workshop, we will work on movement intention, movement quality, and seamless transitions through technique work and combinations.


Magical Mejance

Learn a delightful mejance choreography Kenzie-style! We will explore the different textures and rhythms of a beautiful & exciting piece of entrance music. You will amaze yourself as you piece together an entire choreography that you can take home with you!


Old is Gold - Vintage Combos

Join Kenzie for a workshop that's focused on vintage styling! We'll learn combinations inspired by some of the belly dance world's favorite Golden Era and vintage stars.


I <3 Samai

My heart beats in 10/8! Join Kenzie for combinations to the gorgeous Samai rhythm. Lose yourself in the dreamy beauty of Kenzie's favorite rhythm!


Custom topics: please reach out to Kenzie to discuss special requests for your event!

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